Monday, 27 April 2015

Paper briquette press (Papierbrikettpresse)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Papier Brikettpresse

You only need one briquette maker so buy the best. MultiMate designs “The Freestander” Mk 2 Body made from heavy duty gauge steel and all moving parts from 6mm gauge. The Freestander Mk 2  Multimate's latest superior briquette maker. Its new quick drain containment system shockingly outranks all other machines on the market. Making it easy to fill and even easier to remove the finished briquette. Just remove the containment and out pops the briquette - it’s a piece of cake! Briquette size 110mm x 95mm x 50mm. Pure engineering genius – so simple and easy to use. Its versatility is paramount – it can be used anywhere. It stands firm on four heavy duty adjustable legs. Draining far more water than all other briquette makers on the market. Water goes straight into the container below. A final tip drains any excess water from the top. The Freestander Mk 2 is transportable - ready to go anywhere. Use it, move it, put it away. Our briquette maker has been designed with precision, leverage and drainage which eradicates all problems found in other briquette makers.  Hence the “The Freestander” Mk 2 is the one THE BEST MACHINE YOU CAN BUY Don’t be fooled by lookalikes – only Multimate sells this product! Fully protected design. Briquette making has never been so simple. Perfect alignment of the plunger makes it so easy to use. Respectable working height - no bending or stooping. Minimal pressure needed to extract the water – no back breaking force required. Easily removed briquettes – strong enough to be thrown without destruction. The idea is to save money not waste it!